A Tribute To Mars
A Tribute To Mars
November 8th, 2003
Noon till we drop.

Our third extravaganza pays homage to our fourth planet, Mars.

The schedule: in powerpoint(231 KB), or if you prefer, Adobe PDF(232 KB)

And, because there is just too much food if we leave you to your own devices, here are the comestible (et. al.) assignments.
Who I solemnly swear to only do, bring, or prepare
Mo & Jim Location, Sandwich Platter
Diane & Tom Potato Salad
Billy Pasta Salad
Tracy & Karl Dessert (limit 1)
Steve & Marcia Munchies (veggies, chips, dip, etc.)
John & Dawn Dessert (limit 1)
Louann Dessert (limit 1)
Kathe & Al Hot Spinach & Cheese dip n chips
Stu & Linda  

Bring Your Own Beverage

Ollie Ollie Oxen free.

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