Greg's Tail - With apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer
Greg's Tail
With apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer
A Boy and his doll

Our story takes place many years ago at a time and place coinciding with the original theatrical release of "Monolith Monsters". A young Monterey Greg, full of the first blush of youth and invigorated by the success of his trial simulations of inter-gender interactions made his first foray into the mysterious world known as adulthood. In his own words, he relates what he remembers from that distant time:

I do have to admit that I saw "Monolith Monsters" during its first theatrical release in about 1957, and I fondly remember it because it was one of my first dates with an actual girl. Alas, I no longer remember the name of the girl, but I do remember spending most of the movie trying to figure out how to kiss ... Oh, never mind.

Well, Greg may have forgotten the name of the "actual" girl, but he could never forget his first "girl", Judy. His story of what can only be described as a misspent youth so touched the hearts of his fellow cheese-heads that some expense was spared to locate her. As fortune and fate would have it, she was working at a local dancing establishment (note her T-shirt) and was persuaded to come to the "thon" and rekindle, if not their original relationship, at least some good times...

Judy, anxiously awaiting Greg's arrival
Greg and Judy hitting it off...
Greg and Judy rekindling more than we want to know about...

Ollie Ollie Oxen free.

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