Our Favorite Cheese
Our Favorite Cheese
October 21st, 2006
Noon till we drop.

Our eleventh extravaganza evokes images and song

Tattoos and cameras and reptiles in darkness.
Rockets to Mars and Cadavran carcass.
Statues of humans as quick as you please.
These are a few of our favorite cheese.

Sunset and twilight and absolute darkness.
Aliens wanting our planet to harness.
Good food and friends and fog to our knees.
These are a few of our favorite cheese.

Swiss to fondu-a and Gouda on crackers,
Blue cheese and cheddar are really great snackers,
Brie has a crust and mozzarella has strings,
CHEESE are a few of our favorite things!

The schedule: in powerpoint(678 KB), or if you prefer, Adobe PDF(2655 KB)

Thanks to Steve and Diane for putting together the program while Miss Port Whine is off across the pond.

Thanks to Bill for his contribution to the butchering of a Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers classic.

Once again, theme food is appreciated, any rating. Something real may be provided for actual nourishment. As always, Bring Your Own Beverage.

Bonus Material! Undeleted Scenes! Director mis-commentary!

Romeo and Juliet, Cheese-style

Ollie Ollie Oxen free.

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