Pot Luck
Pot Luck
November 3rd, 2007
Noon till we drop.

Our thirteenth mini-extravaganza takes us we know not where

The dysfunction is willing, but the motivation is weak.

Thus is summed up this magical mystical 13th gathering. We wanted to have one, it was time to have one, we were willing to be at one, but no one wanted to devote much effort to prepare for one. So wake up Saturday morning, brush your teeth (all of them please), bathe (pretty please) and grab something that qualifies as a video/movie/etc. Toss something to drink in the car, and if you're gonna get hungry (i.e. you haven't eaten all your halloween candy and are still sick) think about something to knosh on. Then, if you still have energy, head on over for the fun and games.

All movies will go into a bin and be selected at random.

The schedule: in powerpoint(55 KB), or if you prefer, Adobe PDF(31 KB)

Once again, theme food is appreciated, any rating. Something real may be provided for actual nourishment. But don't count on it. Miss Port Whine is feeling under-motivated.

As always, Bring Your Own Beverage.

Ollie Ollie Oxen free.

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