November 1st, 2008
Noon till we drop.

Our fourteenth mini-extravaganza comes after a gap. And a loss.

After a valiant fight, long time thon-er and friend Greg lost his ability to live. We just weren't up for a thon for a while.

The schedule is being kept a secret to all. Known to no one in advance. So what follows is historical, unlike some of our other programs which may have no real bearing on reality...

On February 17, 2009, the era of analog broadcast television in the United States will end as the nation's full power television stations complete their transition to an all-digital system. While this change will mark the end of the traditional analog method of broadcasting over-the-air television, it won’t signal the end of free broadcast television, and your favorite broadcast programs and local television stations will still be
available here.
If you currently receive analog television over the air or via an antenna, you’ll need to take action to continue watching your favorite stations. TVs accessing "pay" television service such as cable or satellite aren't likely to be affected by the switch.

The Playlist, in order even.

Equinox: Released 1970. Started as a class project.
Gwoemul, aka The Host: Released 2006. Formaldehyde meets the Han river.
A Dog's Breakfast: Released 2007. Stargate Atlantis meets dysfunctional family.
The Quiet Earth: Released 1985. Quiet is not necessarily good. Anybody got a flashlight?
La Puppe: Released 2003. Don't cross in the middle, inthe middle, in the middle, ...
Bambi Meets Godzilla: Released 1969. Marv Newland's classic
Latitude Zero: Released 1969. Alpha meets Lucretia

Once again, theme food is appreciated, any rating. Something real may be provided for actual nourishment. But don't count on it. Miss Port Whine is feeling under-motivated.

As always, Bring Your Own Beverage.

Ollie Ollie Oxen free.

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