To boldly show what NO one cares to see again
To boldly show what NO one cares to see again
June 20th, 2009
Noon till we drop.

Our fifthteenth mini-extravaganza takes us where we don't want to go

We're hungry. We miss each other's company. We feel we must be punished for this perversion we regularly indulge in. Thus we arrive at the selection of movies for this 15th gathering. For food we’ve having a BBQ. A gas grill will be blazing and they’ll be burgers & dogs at the ready (For you cat-aterians, BYOC). For friends we have the usual cast of characters (you know who you are). Once again however, we will not have Dan, who is apparantly doomed to never be a part of our warped and twisted band of merryfolk. And while there is a desire to once again have theme food, please limit the themes to the movies themselves and not attempt to

"To boldly serve what no one wants to eat ever again"

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this web page are not necessarily those of anyone. Movies may not be shown in order listed, or at all. Substitutions may occur at any moment. Objects on the screen may be larger than they appear. Web site void in Wisconsin. Any resemblance to actual entertainment, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Burgers may not be re-eaten without the express written conceit of NBC and Major League Baseball Attending this event may cause drowsiness. Do not operate heavy machinery while in the family room. For erections lasting longer than four hours, insert your own joke here. Your mileage may vary. Batteries not included.

The schedule: in powerpoint(367 KB), or if you prefer, Adobe PDF(161 KB)

As always, Bring Your Own Beverage. Wet and Dry Ice will be available

Ollie Ollie Oxen free.

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